Chelmsford Concrete Canvas

Pride in Chelmsford

June marks Pride month – which celebrates LGBTQ+ communities all around the world.
This takes place in June in recognition of the Stonewall riots which occurred in 1969 and were part of a pivotal movement in positively changing gay rights for many people around the globe. Pride is a celebration of people coming together, promoting inclusivity, recognising how far LGBTQ+ rights have come, but also highlighting that there is still work to be done.
Chelmsford For You are proud to support and celebrate Pride and here’s what we’re doing:

Chelmsford For All

We’ve updated our logo with the phrase ‘Chelmsford For All’, including the Pride progress flag, to express our support for the fabulous community whilst highlighting our commitment to working with local businesses, government and groups to make Chelmsford a safe and inclusive place for ALL. In addition to a digital presence, the logo will also be visible in a number of our shops and restaurants throughout the city centre.

Supporting Essex Pride

We’re incredibly lucky to be the host city for Essex Pride, an annual celebration of LGBTQ+ community in Essex and beyond,  which is running on Saturday 25 June in Central Park. This year will also see the first Pride March in Chelmsford, starting at Popworld and arriving at the event, the route will run directly through the city centre. To add to the celebrations,  we have commissioned a number of artists to create Pride murals on a number of shop windows along the march. These are in place and you can see these at Barclays, Marks & Spencer, Lush, Toast and Toni&Guy. 

Spreading the word

Here in Chelmsford, a number of our businesses are running Pride ranges, support schemes and events all in recognition and support of the month and the message. We’ll be sharing and highlighting these across our social platforms – so be sure to like and follow @chelmsfordforyou.

We want to ensure the conversation continues past pride month and look to support an inclusive and safe city for everyone, through running and supporting events, campaigns and schemes throughout the year.