Chelmsford BID

When it comes to the operations of the city centre, we want to be careful to ensure that current resources are being used well. We will work with authorities such as the council and the police to monitor outcomes for the city centre and promote ways of improving these. We will be careful to ensure that where we spend money, it is only to add additional services.

Safe and Welcoming

We will act as eyes and ears on the street to enhance the police and council efforts to tackle aggressive forms of begging and public realm issues, making sure issues are reported and responses monitored. We also recognise the value of intelligence from the hundreds of businesses in the city centre when it comes to tackling shoplifting or problems with the public realm, so will play a co-ordinating role to ensure intelligence from businesses is shared and that responses are coordinated. For example by running an intelligence-sharing platform such as Facewatch and coordinating responses.

We will bolster on-street presence at key times of the year when there are most likely to be new visitors to Chelmsford, for example during key events, and ensure the welcome is a good one. An ambassador/concierge scheme will welcome visitors and also report issues. We will review the need for a more permanent presence going forwards.

We have worked with the Council to outline the baseline services, such as cleaning, that they provide for Chelmsford City Centre. We will work with them to ensure these services are effective and, if necessary, we will then provide additional cleaning where required.

Evening Economy

Evening Economy

Chelmsford has a successful evening economy that already has a Best Bar None scheme and Purple Flag status.

We will review and support the evening economy businesses to maintain Chelmsford’s safe evening reputation by providing services such as an intel-sharing platform for venues to communicate through, Nightlife Crews inside popular venues and work with organisations such as Open Road to make sure there is a supportive presence within the city at night.


We want to ensure that Chelmsford is as accessible and inclusive as possible to all residents, visitors and employees.

We will conduct a city centre audit to identify areas that need improvement and champion local authorities and organisations to make any changes that support accessibility.

Support and promotion of already-available training programmes is key to the development of workplaces across Chelmsford and we will identify any gaps and deliver necessary events/information seminars, ensuring that city centre businesses and employees champion equality and accessibility within the workplace as well as delivering a confident, inclusive customer experience.

Parking and Transport

Parking & Transport

We want to make sure that Chelmsford is as convenient to reach and get around as possible. We will contribute to this by:

  • Working with partners across Essex to build a case for improving traffic management and reviewing the Essex Traffic Control Centre’s operating hours Representing businesses to influence a transport strategy that works well for the city centre at all times of day, for staff and visitors
  • Raising awareness of different travel and parking options; encouraging the use of lesser used but cheaper car parks, for example with targeted promotions, and encouraging the use of public transport, walking and cycling where appropriate Reviewing the operations of the Park & Ride and championing changes as necessary, including alternative tariffs

Helping to build a Stronger Business Community