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For those of you that don't know, the CM1STMAS awards are all about honouring the achievements of inspiring individuals who contribute their time and effort to benefit and improve the parishes of Chelmsford.

We selected 4 categories for this year's awards:

Inspirational Adult / Inspirational Young Person - Individuals that are recognised as an inspiration in respect of their voluntary work, such as overcoming or dealing with adversity or showing passion and commitment for a voluntary project

Community Champion / Environment Champion - Individuals who go above and beyond for their community or the environment and are determined to make a difference

A big thank you to everyone that nominated and voted, all the stories were truly remarkable and it’s so great to know we have such inspirational, caring and brave individuals in our community.

The winners are;

Kate Bome – Inspiration Adult

Jo Westram – Community Champion

Graham Clarke – Environmental Champion

Finley Ranson – Inspiration Young Person

You can find their stories and the stories of our shortlisted nominees below.

Our winner's had the honour of turning on the Christmas Lights this year in Chelmsford! To see how they got on, please follow our social channels or look through our gallery!

Inspirational Adult

Inspirational Adult

Kate Bome

Kate tragically lost her daughter in November 2014. An undiagnosed heart condition took her life at 23, in her sleep. Kate decided after this tragic loss to help educate and support as many people as possible who are or could be affected by this condition...

Inspirational Adult

Dave Chase

Dave is extremely passionate about mental health awareness, he is constantly trying to help, support and educate others on a topic that is very close to his heart...

Inspirational Adult

Shirley Hume

After numerous comments from residents regarding kids hanging around the streets, Shirley decided to take action and opened a youth club for the children of Chelmsford...

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Community Champion

Community Champion

Edith Miller

Edith has done a huge amount to bring a sense of community to the town. Her work at The Ideas Hub, Chelmsford Festival and Ideas Festival shows both commitment and dedication to her community...

Community Champion

Jo Westram

Jo has volunteered at Moulsham lodge community centre for around 4-5 years now and durning her time there she has shown dedication and positivity in everything she does...

Community Champion

Shashiraj Marri

Shashiraj has started a charity to support the community in and around Chelmsford - The Chelmsford Hindu Society...

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Environmental Champion

Environmental Champion

Angela Ward

Angela is passionate about recycling, which is a constant enviromental issue up and down the country...

Graham Clarke - Environmental Champion

Graham Clarke

Graham is known to keep his local area clean and tidy, he is always seen litter picking or tidying the streets and verges on a regular basis...

John Day - Environmental Champion

John Day

John is part of the local canoe club and regularly attends the 'Love Your Chelmsford' litter pick events on his canoe...

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Inspirational Young Person

Oscar Woodhouse - Inspirational Young Person

Oscar Woodhouse

Oscar is now 5 years old and for a year of his life, he had to live in a women’s refuge...

Finley Ranson - Inspirational Young Person

Finley Ranson

Despite his own illness Finley is always thinking of others and trying to raise funds...

Ashton Roberts and Luke Woollard - Inspirational Young Person

Ashton Roberts and Luke Woollard

Ashton (10) and Luke (6) sadly lost their mum earlier this year...

Tai Burgess - Inspirational Young Person

Tai Burgess

Tai was born with a rare condition called 'congenital diaphragmatic hernia’. He was whisked straight off after birth for breathing support and his parents were told he had 5% chance of survival...

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