Bid Renewal

'Chelmsford For You' BID Renewal 2023 – 2028

The current Chelmsford BID term is due to end in March 2023. As such, we have now begun the process of renewal which will culminate in a vote by businesses in a ballot to be held November 2022.

We have achieved a lot together over the first term, and with your involvement, we can look ahead to another successful five years. Together, we can build upon what we have already accomplished and ensure that our business community benefits from new opportunities and drive the future development of our City.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be regularly sharing Renewal e-bulletins to keep you updated, hosting workshops to enable you to provide your input, and adding new features on the BID website.

What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a defined geographical area within which the businesses vote to invest collectively in local improvements to enhance their trading environment. The mechanism for developing and operating a BID are governed by the BID Regulations 2004 which are part of the Local Government Act 2003. There are over 315 established BIDs in the UK operating on a five-year term!

The BID Business Plan identifies key objectives to be addressed, with the BID team and businesses delivering projects against action plans to fulfil these objectives. BIDs are business led with the Board and Committees consisting of volunteers from BID Businesses.

A key aspect of a BID is to ensure that anything delivered by the BID to the area is additional to any services provided by public bodies. As part of the development of the BID Proposal and Business Plan, baseline statements are drawn up with the councils and the police, identifying the services they agree to provide during the life of the BID. Establishing close working relationships with the councils, police authority and other recognised agencies also means that the needs of the local business community can be better understood and acted upon.

Towards the end of each term, a BID can be renewed by proposing a new Business Plan which businesses vote on to confirm whether they would like the BID to continue.

What is a BID?

What happens if the BID is not renewed?

Many of the improvements, activities and services seen in the city centre would not have been possible without businesses coming together under the auspices of the BID to drive positive change and create an environment which is not only attractive to visitors but is an excellent place to do business.

If businesses vote not to continue for a second term, the BID will cease operations as of Spring 2023. All projects and activities delivered by the BID to support businesses including CM1stmas programme of events including the Christmas Light Switch On Event, DISC software for the evening economy, the Chelmsford For You app, The Monster Invasion, Green City festival, Concrete Canvas activities the Chelmsford For You website/visit platform and ongoing digital, social media, podcast and marketing support, will stop. The BID businesses will also lose their collective voice within city groups and partnerships.

How does Renewal work?

Chelmsford is a Business Improvement District both funded and governed by businesses located in the Chelmsford BID boundary. The first Chelmsford BID term started in 2018 and has carried out a five-year plan to support businesses, act as a collective voice for them and continue to work on raising the profile of Chelmsford making it a safer, cleaner and livelier place to visit and do business. The current Chelmsford BID term is due to end in March 2023 and must undergo what is called a 'Renewal Ballot'.

Businesses who are over a certain rateable value within the BID area will be asked to vote in favour of supporting another five-year term. The outcome of the Renewal Vote will affect the future of the Chelmsford business community.

Get involved

We want to hear from you! To ensure the BID provides the support your business needs over the next five years we need your thoughts, views and ideas. Besides the existing BID activities and opportunities, there will be a variety of different ways in which you can help develop the future of the Chelmsford BID.

Please see some of these opportunities listed below.

  • Surveys
  • Coffee Clinics
  • One-to-one meetings
  • Working Groups
Get involved

Renewal Survey

A Renewal Survey has been mailed out to everyone in the BID area and is available digitally on this website. The Renewal Survey is an important opportunity to express your thoughts about the Chelmsford area and the future support your business needs. We would be grateful if you could spend a few moments, either completing a paper version or downloading the survey, digitally completing the form, saving it and emailing it back to:

To download the survey click here.

Alternatively, we can arrange for someone to talk this through with you via Zoom, Teams or phone and complete it on your behalf. To arrange this please call 01245 260009.


Working Groups

During the Chelmsford BID Renewal process, we will be setting up a series of working groups which will enable businesses from across the area to come together and discuss their thoughts for the future and identify specific activities which will need to be included in the plan. This will ensure that the business views represented were as broad as possible by both geography and business sector in the Chelmsford area.

We encourage anyone that would like to join one of these groups to call the BID office on 01245 260009.

Request a business visit/virtual meeting

We would value any thoughts or ideas you have about Chelmsford and the future activities and support you would like to see. Whether it be a brief call or a longer meeting we will be very happy to meet you online or talk to you over the phone.

To talk to the BID Team, either call or email to arrange a call back or a longer meeting on 01245 260009


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