World Oral Health Day with Downtown Dental
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World Oral Health Day with Downtown Dental

This weekend marked World Oral Health Day (20 March) and the Chelmsford for You team have taken the opportunity to pop in and have a chat with the city centres dental practice, Downtown Dental. Whilst we were there we made sure to grab some of their top tips for looking after your teeth and getting that healthy smile, read on to hear them.

Downtown Dental is located in the unit above Holland & Barrett and has been around since 2008, however the premises has been used as a dental practice since the 1970’s.

They currently offer general dentistry alongside  orthodontics services, both available on the NHS and through private treatments too. To find out more about their services and to enquire about becoming a patient you can always contact their friendly team on 01245 256797.

It’s a very exciting time for the practice as they’re just about to go through a refurb which is set to be a top-to-toe overhaul… including:

  • Re-fitting their current treatment rooms
  • Creating two additional treatment rooms
  • Installing new consultation rooms
  • Various equipment updates and upgrades
  • Updating their dental software system – including text and email reminders helping you never miss an appointment
  • Introducing new services being to become a ‘one-stop’ dental practice

Here are those top tips from Downtown Dental for ensuring good oral health:

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice per day with a good fluoride toothpaste - It’s important to check the fluoride content for children before proceeding.
  2. You'd be surprised how much food debris gets stuck between your teeth, plus there are two surfaces per tooth which are not getting reached! Daily flossing will help ensure all areas are cleaned.
  3. Mouthwashes can be helpful but don’t rely on them for full mouth cleaning routines, they will NOT remove plaque deposits or tartar build-up - Avoid mouthwashes with alcohol as these can dry your soft tissues, your mouth, inner cheeks and gums which is irreparable.
  4. Visit your dentist when you are recalled for your next examination.
  5. Be self-aware of ANY changes in your mouth, or around your neck and throat. If you have any symptoms that persist longer than 3 weeks, you must ask to see your Dentist or GP.

There are a couple of common mistakes often made that affect our teeth and their health, Downtown Dental wanted to give us all a little reminder of them.

  1. When we’re looking for a healthier diet and increase our fruit intake this isn’t always a good thing for our teeth. The sugars which naturally occur in fruit will stick to any plaque that may be present and that is where cavities can form. A good way to combat this is to neutralise the sugars after you have eaten them by drinking water, or milk, to wash away any sugars or acids.
  2. There is a real knack to using an electric toothbrush - don’t be fooled into thinking it is doing your job for you. You must hold the bristles on each tooth for a few seconds making sure you cover the gum line too, then move onto the next tooth. Also, make sure you clean the biting surfaces of each tooth, this area is often neglected and where cavities generally start.
World Oral Health Day with Downtown Dental