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Chelmsford is a bright, lively, and friendly city – small but bursting with incredible things to see, do, experience, and have FUN! Whether you are a regular visitor to our city of Chelmsford or exploring the delights it holds for the very first time, there will always be something new for you to discover so make sure to keep up to date on everything with our discover page here:

This unique section on our website is where you will be able to always find the most up to date information and useful tips to help you discover more about our unique city and how you can make the most of everything that there is on offer! Broken down into key topics that you might be looking for, we have great suggestions for all different and fun activities to keep you busy and discovering new things in our City.

FOR HEALTH - Looking to get healthy or simply want to unwind, find out more about what Chelmsford has in store for you in this dedicated healthy lifestyle page.

FOR FAMILY – Come rain or shine, there is always something going on in Chelmsford for the whole family to enjoy and participate.

FOR DINING – Our beloved city has a vast selection of Restaurants, Bars and Café’s suitable for any occasion.

FOR SHOPPING – Find out more about our other shopping centres, markets and stores in Chelmsford to cover all your browsing and buying needs.

FOR SPORT – The city boasts a unique sporting heritage being home to both Essex County Cricket Club as well as the celebrated Chelmsford City Racecourse along with a multitude of others!

FOR CULTURE - The city has much to offer through its splendid museums, performing arts scene, renowned theatres and active programme of events and festivals.

Check out the page to discovery something new and FUN today!

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Chelmsford For Fun!