A very colourful ‘Welcome’ back!
Chelmsford Blog | A very colourful ‘Welcome’ back!

A very colourful ‘Welcome’ back!

We at Chelmsford For You are truly excited to welcome all of you back to our city and we wanted to make sure we did so in a vibrant and colourful way!

And so, to bring some colour to your day and smiles to your faces, we have installed rows upon rows of eye-catching ribbons to cascade from the sky as you visit the heart of our beloved city. We wanted to bring some life and energy back to Chelmsford and hope that you enjoy the visual spectacles. Why not even snap some pictures and tag us on social media?!

We would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported our vast array of shops and all of our amazing restaurants in the heart of Chelmsford. By visiting, collecting, and ordering from our businesses for essentials and takeaways during such unprecedented times, it has shown a true sense of community.

Our Street Ambassadors are also back in the city to help answer any questions you may have during your visits or just to say hello and warmly welcome you. The friendly team are on hand to assist with any issues that may arise in and around the city centre and will be working with local authorities and organisations to ensure they are resolved. Should you require any assistance with anything and cannot locate them, feel free to reach them on 07922 427 531.

The rest of the Chelmsford For You team will also be on hand to ensure that the Chelmsford city centre remains a clean and safe environment to live, work and visit.

Chelmsford is a vibrant and energetic city, and from all of us at Chelmsford For You we cannot wait to see you all! Once again, we are so happy to welcome you back and hope that you enjoy your visit!

If you want to know any more information or have any questions, please visit www.chelmsfordforyou.com or our social media pages!